Special Subpoena Service:
We accept faxed subpoenas as well as subpoenas phoned in where we create the entire document with your input. We also notarize and attach the appropriate witness fee and provide same-day delivery if required.

Generating payments on court execution is one of our specialties. Rather than accepting a capias on a case where you know or suspect the defendant has some property, request an execution. It generates 12% interest starting immediately and we can make demand for your money and seize personal property (cars) and auction them off and cause payment to you. The cost to you is minimal (usually less than you would spend to have a capias served)!

Notary Public:
Our network of Constables and Process Servers means we can usually locate one in your area. (Ask about at your site service).

Tracking Service:
With our state of the art computer network and tracing services we can usually find a missing defendant and effect service. We have a track record of success with the tough ones!

If your owed child support and are frustrated, we can help find the deadbeat dad and collect your money. (our execution service works wonders on these).

Private Investigators:
We are associated with many of the best Investigators throughout Massachusetts.

OUT OF STATE PROCESS IS ONE OF OUR STRONG POINTS! Because of our Network we can call on the right Constable with the knowledge and experience to serve the process according to your State's Laws. We do it right the first time.

At The Constables Network, we have only the best and most experienced Constables in our Network.
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This is an introduction to my company THE CONSTABLE'S NETWORK.  I began this organizationin 2001 a


The Constables Network was started by Kevin Dalton. Kevin served as a Deputy Sheriff for over 16 years with responsibilities which included but were not limited to serving all kinds of


I would highly recommend Kevin Dalton. I have used him for many years and find him to be courteous, reliable, and fast. Kevin always makes himself accesible and is willing to go the ex by J. Christopher Amrhein

Our law firm has been using Kevin Daltonof The Constable,s Network as our constable for over twenty-five
years. Servicei s always made on time and they always gets the job done by Haufler Associates